• Learn Reason 9.5 & Up

    The first of 3 course lessons on using Reason 9.5 & Up

    This course is for the beginner user of Reason 9.5 or advance.  O.M.O Courses

    are developed to teach you the basic technics to achieve maximum understanding of this DAW.  

    Course 1 teaches you the basic mixer functions of Reason's SSL Console.  O.M.O explains Eq Settings, Compression use, Sends, Busses, and more.  You will learn how and when it's good to use Reason's SSL Master Buss Compressor and how to side-chain it.

    O.M.O also teaches you how to use vst's in Reason 9.5  effectively to achieve maximum loudness in your mixes and masters.

    • There is over 1.5hrs of video tutorials
    • Multiple Reason templates
    • 1 Mixing Template
    • 1 Mastering Template

    As a added bonus, you will receive O.M.O Drmkt v.1 totally free to get you started making hits quickly.  Over 2gs of sounds.